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Together my beautiful wife Michelle and I have 5 wild but well-mannered boys, they keep us on our toes and may be the very reason that this blog has large gaps where nothing is posted. I love spending time with each of them, were usually having mass wrestling tournaments where I try to avoid my older two from causing me damage and do all I can to protect the young two who seem to think their bullet proof. I also sideline as the Pastor of Elevate Church which is located in Torquay, Victoria I love that we get to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in real community no matter how much of a challenge it is at times. My life’s interests are fairly random and can change regularly as I’m sure that anyone who knows me could attest to, those interests range from anything between nerdy computer games to fitness, coffee, karate, cycling, coffee, (Yep said this one twice) running (most of these I haven’t made time for recently) to photography and to end this rant renovating, basically I enjoy creating things and working with tough or difficult situations to bring order that makes way for restoration and so my interests and my calling align perfectly. Most of all I am in love with my Maker who has become more real to me than I ever would have thought possible and my desire is to live my life in such a way that I display as many of His immeasurable attributes as I can.

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