Coming soon to Torquay

Well today we can finally let people in on some news that we have been keeping for a few months now. So straight to the point, we will be taking on the leadership of Elevate Church in Torquay. Torquay

This decision has been about three months in the making and has come about as a result of a lot of desperate cries to God, some reluctance and many questions… Mostly on my part.
To say that there have been a few confirmations to us that this was the right move would be an understatement. Much like when you decide to buy a particular model car and then see that exact car everywhere, this is how it has felt for us. Once we begun considering Elevate Church Torquay as an option it was like there was a reminder everyday, random conversations, scripture, dreams, thoughts, clothes (long story), people randomly educating us about the culture in Torquay and on I could go.
So what now! As of the 20th September 2015 we will begin attending Elevate with the view to transition into leadership towards the end of the year.
Elevate is a small Church with a brilliant bunch of people who have faithfully pioneered for about 10 years and we are very much looking forward to getting to know these people and how God is using them to preach the Gospel and make disciples not only in Torquay but throughout Geelong.
The plan at this stage is to remain employed by Covenant College as their Property Manager while also leading the Church, yes it will be a challenge, we rest knowing that God is not only in control but has a unique plan to see His Church established.
We certainly don’t know everything and will have to learn many lessons along the way but we are excited to be figuring it out within the context of people who carry a similar heart to us. We are praying that in time God will add to us like minded people who are passionate about the restorative work that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make in someone’s life.
We are excited to begin what we believe will be the most challenging thing we’ve ever done. challenging thing we’ve ever done.

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