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Well at the time of writing this it has been 1202 Days or 3 Year 3 months and 15days since we responded to the call of God to move to QLD… and now we believe that God is whispering into our hearts once again about beginning a new chapter. Today on the 27th July 2014 we announced to the whole Church (Catalyst Church Ipswich) that my employment will end at the very latest on December 31st of this year. Oh and you know how people say when God closes one door He always opens another? Well we are still waiting for that next door to open and are learning to trust God as we stare at this current closed door.

The story so far! (short version)

For some time as we have been doing our devotions and through much prayer we have had many, many different confirmations that our time here was drawing to a close. (too many to detail here) In ourselves we had really hoped that we were only just getting started at Catalyst Church and I was really looking forward at the opportunity to finish building our house so that I could throw myself heart and soul into ministry without the distraction of owner building. But it seems that our desire to live here in our new home, plant veggie gardens and create an inspired place for our four boys to enjoy their childhood and have the freedom to be trained in their God given passions have been swallowed up by our desire to be used by God in a meaningful way, even though at this point we don’t have clarity on what that is exactly.

So we had these thoughts going around in our spirit/mind for some time but it was really just exactly that ‘in our spirit and mind’ we had not spoken to anyone else about this. We then went to a night service at Catalyst where guess minister Ps Corey Turner was speaking and afterwards opened up the front for prayer/prophetic words but we didn’t respond but rather chose to remain worshiping in the second row and then Corey called us up the front. I can honestly say that Corey knew nothing about what was happening in us and in fact didn’t know us personally at all apart from a 2 min conversation 2 days before. He then prophesied some things over our life which wasn’t new information but absolutely confirmed what God had already been speaking to us, but even so it was so accurate and for the first time in a long time left me in tears… lots of them!

We feel that God is stirring us to lead our own community, a different community but that’s about all we know at this point. Actually tonight when I told the church our news I said it like this, “While we don’t know what our future holds, we do know the One who holds our future.” and this is where we simply need to have a bit of old fashioned faith. What gives us a lot of comfort is knowing the character of God who is leading us and that as His children whatever He calls us to walk through will be for His glory and ultimately our good.

Finally we are sure that nothing substantial is ever accomplished without a little pain, and this season will be somewhat painful as we jump over the final hurdles before being able to walk into this next season. Also our humanity is hurting and so it should because we really love the people who God has surrounded us with while living in glorious QLD, but our life is but a vapor and we only have one life in which to be obedient to God’s call so were going to go for it trusting much will be accomplished for His Kingdom.

Thanks to those who have been a support to us it’s meant so much.

6 thoughts on “end of a chapter – catalyst church it’s been real

    • Yep for sure Richo! You are a champion and your spiritual growth, confidence in the Lord has been so good to watch over the last few years. Plenty of time yet to catch up.

  1. Daniel and Michelle! All this time and I didn’t know you were maintaining a blog up there in Ipswich! Talk about eating cheese and crackers for the whole journey, only to discover the meals are included in the ticket price. (Pentecostal Preachers Sermon Ideas, page 76…)

    You need not fear that the Lord will guide your steps as long as you seek to bring glory to Him, and always and only to be used for His will. (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that now you have embraced your inner man and bearded up like the priest of every home should)

    Guys, if your travels bring you into SA, we’d be thrilled to host you at Zarephath for a time. Much to say, not in this public forum! Msg me on LinkedIn, or you’ve got my gmail address fella.

    Brotherly love in Him,

  2. Hey Nathan,

    Look at you using the Pente Preachers Handbook, will have to get me one of those!

    On a side note I actually had great success making a geodesic pvc chook tractor and was very much looking forward to having some fun dabbling in permaculture but that desire has been swallowed up by my greater desire to serve God.

    I’ll have to give you a call sometime.

    Much love to Joy and the rest of your fam.

    Oh and I nearly shaved the beard this afternoon, I think it’s days are numbered.


  3. Hey Dan,

    I missed the announcement on Sunday (had to work) but Sue told me it was coming anyway. I will be sad to see you go, but there will be an eternity in heaven to catch up :-).

    People do say “when God closes one door He always opens another” don’t they. I don’t know where they get that from, but I hope he opens a door for you and your family that will be exactly what you want and need.

    Make sure you stay in touch when you do leave – hopefully we will be able to hang out again before then.

    Greg V

  4. I reckon that kind of saying comes as we learn that God truly is our Sovereign, and that He truly does have a plan A and there is no plan B. Everything that happens, happens because God planned it. We can see God closing doors in Jonah’s life, changing Jonah’s will until it lines up with God’s will. The people on the ship that tossed Jonah overboard would never have had the opportunity to “fear the LORD exceedingly, and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and made vows.” if Jonah hadn’t first run from what God told him to do. (Jonah 1:16)

    Dan, as you trust in God’s Word and make important decisions for your family, rest assured that “…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


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