head in the clouds

head in the clouds

Well I feel as though I’ve got my head up in the clouds recently mostly because thats where I have spent a lot of my time over the past few weeks as I’ve travelled America and now have a rushed trip from sunny Queensland to cold, cold Victoria!

We went through the scanners at Brisbane Airport and somehow I ended up with an even split of the children but almost all of the bags which meant that I was pushing 6 bags down the bench to the scanner (with some help by other randoms in the line) once I got through the lady asked to see in one of the bags, so picture it me with 2 kids, 6 bags, 2 trays and people impatiently trying to get around us. Once the bag was opened I was informed that she was looking for scissors, (yep Mich had smuggled some scissors on board a domestic flight) after searching the whole bag the lady found some scissors concealed in the side pocket of my wife’s make up bag. (nah that’s not sus at all) Then to top it all off just after I’ve finally packed everything back up and Mich had come to help, she gets whisked away for an explosive test! Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed, but was able to see the funny side of it.

So we’re in the plane now as I write this and once we arrive in Tullamarine Airport have no idea how the 6 of us will get to Geelong since the ride that was organized for us seems to have fallen through, so it appears that more money will be involved as we will need to hire a people mover or something similar, so life is just one big adventure which is kinda the way we like it, although some normality wouldn’t go astray.

It wil be good to see my family again especially as we rally around my Dad (Gaby Abouzeid) to support him in his battle with Cancer which we have only really just found out about, so although we are all in a bit of a panic, we are comforted in the knowledge that God is not surprised and as I’ve heard it said before “God doesn’t drive an ambulance”. Dad has a scan this coming Monday which will give us a clearer picture of how far advanced this “Demon” (as Dad has named it) is and hopefully from there get a life expectancy and an action plan. So as Christians what are we to be believing for and how should my faith instruct my expectations and attitude over this next period? Here is what I believe, biblically my responsibility is to pray the prayer of faith hoping that God will heal Dad and give him an opportunity for a longer life than is expected at current but no one can escape death and eventually we are all going to die its just a fact of life, infact it’s Gods chosen way to enable us to escape this temporal life and enter into eternity, so in this way death is the ultimate expression of the grace of God so that we who believe in Him don’t have to live in our sin forever. So we will pray and Dad may be healed or we pray and God sovereignly chooses to take Dad home, either way God is good, our faith will be tested and strengthened as we trust in Gods plan.

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  1. its a sad reality that being human comes with many potentially hard challenges. Gaby is one of lifes special people and its sad to hear his battle. Its great to see you guys and many others rally around him and i wish him all the best through the coming days, months and hopefully years. Please pass on our best wishes to one of the greatest men ive had the pleasure of meeting.
    Josh, Shan, Ollie and Seth.

  2. Hey Josh, Thanks for your concern! Dads very loved and well supported from many people far and wide, he is in hospital now receiving some pain management which has helped him a great deal and is waiting to find out what are the next steps to treating his cancer.

  3. Hi Dan, Sorry to hear about your dad. From the way you are speaking it sounds like he is a Christian – which alone is a reason to rejoice. If you are looking for some encouragement for your family or your dad’s, Piper has a series called “Don’t waste your Cancer” http://www.desiringgod.org/searches/don%27t%20waste%20your%20cancer?utf8=%E2%9C%93, and of course Chandler has many messages on “Suffering” http://www.thevillagechurch.net/search-results/?keywords=suffering&show_results=N%253B.
    I love the “gospel” way that you are approaching this. The inevitability of disease and death simply show us God’s love and grace more clearly, and brings more urgency for us to spread the gospel message to others. However it is still very difficult to not be overcome with grief and sadness when it strikes those we love!
    Stand firm Bro’ – we’re praying for you, your dad and your extended family.

    • Thanks Greg, Dad is most certainly a Christian although like anyone has drifted slightly from where even he wants to be in his relationship with God. Having just spoke to him tonight he is saying that not after the cancer but from now he wants to intentionally move closer to discipleship rather than allow the drift to happen. He had a cancer from the bladder removed yesterday and so was sent home today from a few days in hospital and the first thing he did was go and find his bible, so in a very real way and even early in the piece this cancer had some inherent blessings hopefully resulting in intimacy with God. I will find a Chandler sermon and a Piper one both of which I have listened to and pass them onto him and I’m sure he will get a lot out of it.

      Cheers mate

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