House for sale and were moving to…


Wow what a day! We have spent the last few days actually, getting rooms clean so that we can take some great pics to get our beautiful home on the market for next week sometime. You may have guessed it but we will be very sad to say goodbye not only to this home but also to the any friends we have all made while living in Ipswich, Queensland.
So here’sΒ the punch line, we will be relocating our family to Geelong at least before the 2015 school term starts or once our house sells.


The road to this decision hasn’t come without many challenges and has taken a considerable amount of time to arrive at, however the gift in this is the clarity of knowing that this is the right time to move back to Geelong.


We’re not going because it’s glamorous, we’re not going because it’s exciting we’re going because we believe that God is calling us to, even if it’s cold and doesn’t have the attraction of sunny Queensland there is still much kingdom work to do there and that is something that excites us.


I can remember one of the many times I was asking God where are we going? I was at home walking down the stairs and clearly felt God tell me off and sternly spoke into my spirit saying ‘stop asking, I’ve already told you where you need to go.’ In that moment I felt both corrected but very much safe and I knew instantly that we were meant to move to Geelong, because that was what was in my heart for some time.

We have had many different confirmations being scripture, devotions, things people have said (either knowingly or unknowingly) far too many to mention with any clarity here, if you want to know more you can just ask us πŸ™‚

Our prayer from this point on is that God would not only take care of our everyday needs, ie job, sale of our existing house, etc but that we will be able to position ourselves to see discipleship, church planting and community transformation take place, which is the bigger picture by far.
Well now you know!


7 thoughts on “House for sale and were moving to…

  1. Well can only say on your way to where the next chapter in your lives begins for Christ go with God’s blessings Dan and MIchelle and know that we will pray for the doors to open wide and that sale of house shall be a blessing too all the best.

  2. Soooo happy for you guys that you all know where you are going! πŸ˜€
    Will miss you all though! & miss watching your wonderful kids grow up! Will have to keep in touch with Michelle on Facebook. πŸ˜€

  3. Brother, nurture that reformation fire and zeal for his Word, his commands and His flock that God has kindled in your heart! May you bear all the fruit that God has planned – may you perform all the good works that you have been saved unto, which God prepared for you before the foundation of the world.

    • Thanks Nathan, That’s the hope isn’t it… To bear much fruit from a heart that is fully surrendered to Jesus. This too is an impossible task without His empowering. Bless ya mate

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